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    Settlement Nation Episode 7: Keith Bruno Part 2

    We continue our chat with Keith Bruno, a trial attorney with Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley (CZ&R) out of Orange County, California. In this episode, Keith shares the story of his $40 million verdict for a wrongful death case with Nick Rowley, his ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Catastrophic Injury

    A mother and her five-year-old son were in a car accident in 2018 and both suffered extensive injuries.  

    Case Study

    Case Study: Medicare Set-Asides

    A self-insured municipality referred a case involving a 54-year old police officer who sustained catastrophic injuries attempting ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Workers' Compensation

    A 40 year-old male employee was catastrophically injured during an auto accident resulting in paraplegia and a traumatic brain ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Wrongful Termination

    A 50-year-old black male truck driver filed a wrongful termination and discrimination case against his employer citing the ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Medical Malpractice

    A regional hospital was handling a challenging medical malpractice claim involving a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Rated Ages

    Independent Life recently had the opportunity to play a critical role in the resolution of a complex claim that had been going on ...