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    Settlement Nation Episode 7: Keith Bruno Part 2

    We continue our chat with Keith Bruno, a trial attorney with Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley (CZ&R) out of Orange County, California. In this episode, Keith shares the story of his $40 million verdict for a wrongful death case with Nick Rowley, his ...

    Legs & Regs

    Re-cycled Structured Settlement Payment Rights

    Historically, most investors who purchase structured settlement payment rights from factoring companies are sophisticated ...

    Case Study

    Case Study: Catastrophic Injury

    A mother and her five-year-old son were in a car accident in 2018 and both suffered extensive injuries.  

    ABLE Accounts

    Comparing the Advantages: ABLE Accounts vs. Special Needs Trusts

    The COVID-19 pandemic and near zero long term Treasury rates have required both structured settlement professionals and ...

    Attorney Resources

    Revisiting the Grillo Case

    The Christina Grillo medical malpractice case reached a $2,500,000 settlement in Texas in 1990 – thirty years ago. Why is the ...

    Plaintiff Resources

    Certainty vs. Volatility: Reconfirming the Case for Structured Settlements

    The Wall Street Journal published an article on June 12, 2020 highlighting a fundamental reason why structured settlements are ...


    Free Download: 5 Misconceptions Attorneys Have About Structured Settlements

    Thank you for your interest in our e-book. Our goal is to help dispel any misconceptions attorneys may have about structured ...

    Plaintiff Resources

    How to Protect Your Settlement for Life

    Structured settlements offer many benefits compared to a lump sum settlement. One of the most important advantages is the option ...

    Plaintiff Resources

    How Can Public Benefits Supplement Your Structured Settlement?

    One of the first steps every personal injury plaintiff should take following an accident, with the assistance of your attorney or ...

    Plaintiff Resources

    What is a Structured Settlement Consultant and Why Do You Need One?

    According to the National Structured Settlement Trade Association, “Structured settlement consultants are available to discuss ...

    Structured Settlements

    Book Review: What You Can Expect When Expecting a Settlement

    Assuming you are a professional structured settlement consultant and/or settlement planner, what is the first advice you ...